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269: Alinka Interviews Ahonu on The Reincarnation of Columbus

May 6, 2018

In an episode entitled, The Therapeutic Meaning Of Books, Alinka Rutkowska interviewed Ahonu about his book, The Reincarnation of Columbus.

Alinka helps people market their books to a wider audience, and in this interview she points out the steps Ahonu needs to improve the salability of his book. The original of this interview can be found on Alinka's website at

Alinka says,

Welcome to the Author Remake podcast where we interview authors who want to improve their book marketing. Today I’m excited because we’re talking to Kevin O’Grady, author of The Reincarnation of Columbus.

We go deep into the therapeutic meaning of books and we talk about how the writing of this book helped Kevin cope with loss. Kevin agreed that to give the book a wider appeal he would need to repackage it: give it a more straightforward title, a new cover and possibly divide the sizable book into three.

We also talked about what’s possible beyond the book. It’s a great episode, so have a listen!

You can find this episode called "Alinka Interviews Ahonu" on YouTube here:

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