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264: Being The Banker Of Your Own Life

March 31, 2018


We'd like to bring you the final episode of this session in the talks that we were doing about being an actor and actress and directing your own movie of your life. This has been a series that I felt I needed to get off my chest because it was to do with the death of my own son and how his death had an impact on me as a person in my whole soul searching that followed and the many realizations that followed.

It portrays the story of being the actor, the actress in our lives and then moving on to be the director of your life and then moving on to be the financier of your life. But now, we want to take a look into the deep aspect of being the banker, of having the money to finance these kinds of things and what it means not only to direct your life, but if you own your life and the kind of shots that you can call when you own your own life and what you can do. And it's quite an amazing journey.

What is really interesting about this is, if you've been following along and if you had listened to the origin of this discourse, as it were, you would remember that I mentioned that what spawned a lot of this spiritual searching for me was the death of my first son, Ryan. He died at four months old, on my birthday. And it caused me to ask all kinds of questions about, who am I and why am I here, why was he born, why did he die, where is he now, and could I have prevented us? And what was it all about? What's the bigger picture that's going on here? Well, to place that into the analogy now that we're speaking of, to place it into the picture that we're painting of this being one classic drama that's going on, this being one fantastic illusion that's been created, and that everybody contributes to that illusion. Our children and force and enhanced and confirm the illusion for us. 

We confirm the illusion for our children. We confirm the illusion for our brothers and our sisters and our friends and our co-workers. We confirm everything for everybody else. Everybody confirms everything for everybody. That's how fantastic this drama is. It's how fantastic this illusion is. It's how amazing this dream scape is. It is how expert we are at making movies. We are the best, because we make it so believable that even we ourselves believe it, and we forgot where the stage door is. So, we spoke about being the financier and how being the financier of the studio has power over the director and his power over the actors and actresses and all of that. In this hierarchy, we become more and more distanced from what actually goes on in the actual script itself.

So, to personalize this for myself (and everybody will have their own personal understanding of this), but for me, when my son Ryan died on my birthday, the financier didn't know (or care) about that. At the level of the financier they did not concern themselves with pain or suffering or drama, or adventure and excitement, or loss that was going on inside the movie theater they were financing.

Now this might seem callous and distant, but when you think about it, if it's all cellophane and illusion in the first place, they know that, so why be concerned over something that's just an illusion, that they know is an illusion. The fact that you and I believe that at the level of the reality in the theater is our issue, not that of the financier. But you can see how as we go through these layers of hierarchy, now the director of course is concerned with the drama - who lives who dies, where the action is, where the high points are, where the tension is. The studio owner, of course, is concerned with that also, but not to the same degree. 

In other words, they want to know that there is excitement in this, that there is something worth selling, that there is something believable in this, that there is action, that there is reality in it, but they're not concerned at the level of who said what to whom, when. And then when we go to financial year, not at all concerned. So now we want to now step up another level. And what we're doing here so you understand, is we're creating new layers, or levels, or planes of existence. Now, you do this all the time. I do this all the time. Everybody does this all the time, but we just don't know it. This is a plane of existence right here, right now - you listening to me, the person in the house next door or the office next door is not listening to me, and they're not in the same plane of existence as we are.

So you can see how we're continuing to manufacture our own planes of existence. How do we know this to be true? Well, that person may have cancer and may have been given six months to live. Who knows? That person may have three children, you've none. Their lives, their whole structure is completely different to you. They may believe in God A, and you believe in God B. They may follow this actor or actress, you follow somebody else. They may be immersed in this political party. You may be immersed... in other words, everybody's life is their own plane of existence, 

So we step out one more level and we create the plane of existence where we are the bank. So now we give money to the financier. So we have the money to give out to the financier so the financier can invest in the studio, and invest into director, invest in the movie, invest in the actors and actresses. As the bank, we own the money, so we called the shots. We can say to that financier, I don't want to finance you anymore. What would that feel like at that level of creation where you are saying, I want to finance this instead. Let's create this instead. Let's put our money, (which is energy) let's put our energy, let's put our resources, let's put our creativity, let's put our potential into this reality instead. 

Now, folks we are getting excited about the possibilities. We're getting excited about the potential. We're getting excited about who we really are, and what we're capable of doing. As the bank, we're really beginning to cream it now. We feel the power. We feel the power it gives us. 

I hope you enjoyed that. You will find it is quite life-changing when you enter into that possibility where you look at yourself, your life, and realize that you are indeed not only the banker, but you are the owner. You are the owner of your life.                                                                                                        

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