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263: Own Your Own Movie

March 24, 2018

Own-Your-Own-Movie is part of the series where Ahonu explores the planes of existence in life and the planes of existence after death.

Over the last few weeks we discussed the planes of existence before life, the planes of existence we create during life, and the planes of existence after death. And you may remember we likened it to being in a movie, a dreamscape. This metaphor was necessary for us to get our heads around looking at our lives from a different perspective and to help us understand what's going on. Let's entertain the possibility, or, as they say in the movies, let's be entertained. Let's go to the movies. Let's see what will happen in the drama of our lives.

So, we've used the metaphor of the movie theater to build on this possibility. We are in the movie of our lives; we are the actors and the actresses. We are the movie, and we're such good actors and actresses we have made it all so believable for us and for our audience. That was the previous episode, and it concluded where we said we'd come back and explore the possibility of what it would be like if we were to be the director of the movie instead. So, let's look at that possibility.

Most of the time we are so immersed in our roles as players, actors, stagehands, we don't remember it's a movie. But the director does. The director knows it's a movie. The director is involved in every aspect of the making of the movie. So, let's step back from our perceived role as an actor, and imagine for a moment we're now the director. Let's consider ourselves to be the director of our lives, let's become the creator of our reality.

As the director, we've set up all the scenarios. We've ordered the backdrop, the lighting, the crew. We've created the atmosphere, the environment, the tension, the drama, the excitement. We've created the whole thing to give a certain impression, to give one actor a life of joy and happiness and another a life of difficulty and sadness or whatever, depending on the level of consciousness of the actors and the actresses.

Instead of being told what to do in your life, you as the director, call the shots. You say, let's leave this bit out, let's put this bit in, let's grow this one's character, let this scene be violent, that one loving. Let's dwell more on this pose, focus more on that detail. Let's bring out this characteristic in this actor because he causes something to happen in other characters.                                                                                                   

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