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261: Life, Aging, Death

March 10, 2018

Welcome back to this session of the Honest-To-God series. I am Ahonu and Aingeal Rose is not with me today, but she is very much in my thoughts because she stimulated all this. It continues our promised discussion about life, aging, and death.

You may remember from the previous episode entitled, Why Did He Die, I spoke of my first son's death on my birthday. It was also his birthday - he was four months old to the day. We christened him Ryan Columbus because we had been traveling so much during the pregnancy, and he had also been moving around so much in the womb we called him Columbus after the great traveler. And then, we found out several months afterwards he was born on the day Columbus discovered America 500 years before; the day known in America as Columbus Day. So, that was his name, and such a long-standing impact did his death have on me I wrote a book called, The Reincarnation of Columbus that is now in the hands of a screenwriter to be made into a movie. We will come back to movies in a moment, but if you'd like a copy of The Reincarnation of Columbus book, it is available on Amazon, and you'll find it also at

All this came up again when we were in California in a little mountain town called Julian when we were having some Julian Apple Pie, and Aingeal Rose raised the question, "why do we age?", and "is aging a result of the mass consciousness?" In other words, do we age only because there's a kind of collective agreement out there that we see others aging, therefore we expect that we'll age, and because we see others die, we die. And that resurrected Columbus and led us on to the beautiful discussion of the theatre of our lives.

Listen closely as I create a movie in your mind. Many years ago we went to see a Hollywood satire called Simone. Simone is the story of a disillusioned Hollywood producer played by Al Pacino, who creates the first totally believable synthetic actress, Simone. However, swept up by her instant success, including a major singing career, the producer cannot bear to admit his fraud to the world or himself. What we found interesting was the name Simone. It is better pronounced, S One M One, because it is spelled S #1 M - O N E, and pronounced Simone, but it was written as S-One-m-ONE, which meant that it was simulation number one. I don't want to spoil the story for anybody, but I recommend that you watch it because it's a beautiful construction, a beautiful rendition of one man's idea of what reality is.                                                                                                     

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