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26: Linda Strom & Saida Allen – Young Living Oils

July 21, 2012

Linda Strom & Saida Allen – Young Living Oils. Former CEO Linda Strom became a Minister during her short lived retirement, was in the process of building a children’s camp, taught traffic school for fun, and became a distributor for Young Living Essential Oils. Her interests have always been in alternative healing modalities and helping people help themselves to evolve. The 2003 firestorm gave Linda and her husband, Tom Medvitz, a fresh start, a new perspective on humanity, and an appreciation for life. Linda Strom returned to the industry that supported her values, raised her two daughters, and that gave her purpose in helping communities live better together. Linda’s loyalty and work ethic of service has been augmented by a second chance in life.

A second retirement left time to study energy healing. Linda Graduated from Healer’s Training For The Whole Human Being, a two year course in Qualitative Healer’s Training, on January 12, 2008 taught by Dr. Jelusich Ph.D. She later became the Assistant to Dr. Richard A. Jelusich, Ph.D. for two years.

Currently Linda does energy healing, past life regressions and shares the Young Living Oils as a distributor for the company. She still assists Dr. Jelusich as a teacher for makeup classes missed by students due to scheduling conflicts.

Along with her friend Saida Allen, she will be talking with us today about the Young Living Oils and their therapeutic uses.

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Special Guests: Linda Strom and Saida Allen-Smith.

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