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259: How To Bake A Book In Bite Size Bits

February 24, 2018

Many of you may know we are publishers. We distribute to almost 40,000 retailers around the world and we have published over a thousand books so far. We own seven imprints, but one exciting thing we've been developing over the last number of weeks is the concept of books being blessings. In fact, its about to become our new tagline: "Books are Blessings" and to go along with that, Aingeal Rose and I have something exciting for you.

We've developed a new course called, "How to Bake A Book In Bite-Size Bits." It is designed for people who are just thinking about writing a book, or who have just begun their book, but it's helpful and useful to people who've already written a book perhaps, and maybe it didn't go well, maybe it didn't launch right, maybe it didn't sell as much as they hoped, maybe it wasn't designed as well as they'd liked, maybe it wasn't laid out correctly, this delightful course will help you.

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