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251: The Last Sermon On The Mount of The Old Stone Church

December 30, 2017

Today, we've got a different kind of program for you because, as it turns out, this is the last occasion in which there will be any kind of celebration in the Old Stone Church in Bend, Oregon, (as it's being sold), and the Spiritual Awareness Community that has been housed there and used the facility for quite a lot of years is sad about leaving.

So, we have decided, along with our good friend Charles Scamahorn, to create this short video and a short reading for you which we hope will encapsulate the spirit of the Old Stone Church as well as the Spiritual Awareness Community Of The Cascades, and our own wishes and blessings for you for this season and for the New Year.

Thank you for being with us today, and thank you to Charles Scamahorn for his beautiful insight into what's going on here in the Old Stone Church.

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Special Guest: Charles Scamahorn.                                                                     

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