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241: Sunset On Pilot Butte (Part 2 of 2)

October 21, 2017

Aingeal Rose & Ahonu went to the top of Pilot Butte in Bend, Oregon to view the sunset. Little did they know that it would spawn two episodes of The Honest-to-God Series. This is Part 2. While watching the sunset, they discussed everything from ascension to death and dying. It all arose from weeks and weeks of exploring why living is such an effort, why we must eat in order to live, why we consume other lifeforms, and why we die. There is a transcript below of Part 2 of our discussion entitled, "Sunset on Pilot Butte".

You are very welcome. I am Ahonu and with me is my lovely Aingeal Rose, and today we have decided to come back to Pilot Butte which is in the center, well it's not in the center, but it's within the city limits of Bend in Central Oregon, and surrounded by a circle of volcanoes. And we chose this spot because last week, we had a really evocative discussion about life and death, and why we're here, and the physical body, and illness, and sickness, and all of that kind of thing.

And we wanted to explore it because we got a lot of feedback from it where people were willing us, encouraging us, to explore it more because there's so much to it. And we tried to cover it all in a space of, like 20-25 minutes (which is a lot to ask actually) so, we're gonna try and do the same thing again now. But today, we're gonna focus on the aspect of the amount of energy that it takes us to actually be here. And what I mean by that is, moving even from just the physical aspect, even if you were to go back to the conception of a child, you know, the amount of energy that it takes for a woman to carry a child and then deliver the child, and then for the baby itself to grow, and it's using the energy of food which supposedly has come from the Sun that through photosynthesis, you know, it's using that energy and converting it into the growth of the physical body. And then, as we grow into adulthood we're doing the same thing. We're using external energy to fuel the body.

Which proves it isn't real. Well, let's get into it Aingeal Rose, yeah, because it's a very interesting concept, actually, that we believe we're in. So, talk to us about that. What, why... you did mention at the close of last week's session where it takes a lot of energy for us to be here. So, if we are in a spirit body would we be using that kind of energy at all? Well, no, because if you were aware that you were a spirit body (and this again is where we have to make the distinction.

(Right). You can have a physical form, you can have an appearance of a physical body, with also realizing that it isn't really solid. That it's an energy body, okay. Here's a good ... wait here's a good example. Do you remember when we had Penny Kelly on? Yeah. A couple... in times past. Yes. And Penny, who was somebody who had a full Kundalini Awakening, and she was talking about how now she can be in two places at once. She can get out of her body. She can travel to how many levels of the dream state (yes) without her body, and she was telling the story about how she had some relatives at her home one time, and she was still in bed, and she heard them talking down in the kitchen and she was still out of her body, so being out of her body she floated down and she kind of hid in the cupboard so she could hear what they were all talking about. She was watching them. She was watching them, yeah, in her spirit body. And then she lingered there a while, and all of a sudden she realized that her physical body was starting to rematerialize.

And they might see her if she stayed there. But what she realized was that the reason it was rematerializing was because that's where the focus of her attention was, okay. All right. So, that's a really important thing to say, and because most of us have not opened up the capabilities to do what she's doing.

That's connected to the, you know, the Kundalini and... but, with her it happened spontaneously, in an instant, okay, which proves the point I'm trying to make that there is this spirit energy inside of us that is dynamic, that is moving, that responds to how we change our minds about it, okay, and what we want it to do. But if you're not in that awareness, if you're in an awareness like most people, of the linear track, right, where it's past, present, to future, this linear birth to death sort of frame of reference - it takes a lot of energy to sustain the belief in in a physical body on that level. 

Mm-hmm. Okay. A dense physical body - it takes a lot of energy to hold that.

And it's because it's not a true picture of what you really are, and so your mind is trying to maintain the illusion of this physical form and make it real!. It involves not only mental energy but it's physical energy, emotional energy all of that kind of thing, yes, to maintain that illusion. That's right, and that's why it's such a struggle here. 

Because, this goes into all of the (coming from that position that people are in) everything else that we see in this world as normal, the rules, the laws, the efforting that has to happen, what you have to do to survive, all of that effort, effort, effort, to maintain the belief that there's this solid finite thing that you have to feed, that you have to support, that you have to protect constantly - it's exhausting!

It really is exhausting. That's why the body dies. That's why, eventually, you're gonna get sick and you're gonna die, okay. Because number one, you can't maintain the illusion forever, all right. And death is the result of believing in that, because the positive side of death (if we could say that) because there's a couple things going on with death, right. We could get into the belief in, you know, disobeying God, or making ourselves physical (which was a sin against God) and all of that nonsense that some people still believe, but it's nonsense, that somehow God is upset with us now, and now we're gonna die, you know.

The original sin is you became physical, let's just say, okay, and because you became physical now you're doomed to death. The body's great, you want to make a body, make a body, and now it's subject to death and decay and all this other. But it's a perception, and this is what I have to keep repeating. It's a perception, it's a perception, it's a perception of what you think is true.

Do you think, Aingeal Rose, that underlying all the different belief systems on Earth (and I specifically mean on Earth) like through all the religions, is there that underlying understanding somewhere that it's all a perception. I don't think they... I don't think they're at the level of a perception at all. Right.

I think they're at the level of the material universe was a disobeying thing (right) against God. That's where the whole guilt thing comes in. That's where guilt comes in. That's where sin comes in. That's where repentance comes in. All of that comes in, okay, because you know, or how many times have you heard that, you know, somebody who's wealthy, who's "materialistic" you know, they're doomed to hell, okay, that's somewhere in the Bible too, you know, but that's not true, you see, it isn't really true. Those are the beliefs we've been programmed (yes) to believe.

And you mentioned at one point about the fact that we think (and I'm using this, I want to emphasize "think"), we think that we would be punished by God for making this whole illusion up in the first place.

That's right. So, it's like a circular reference. It's a loop that we're in. It is, and if you believe that you're guilty on a deep subconscious level (yeah) for anything, what are you gonna do - you'll punish yourself because guilt demands punishment. Guilt demands punishment. Okay, so the thing is, is we even, you know, like I say, we we believe that suffering is justified here. That's all, that's all self-punishment. The reason people suffer is because somewhere in that deep psyche there is this worry, or this fear, or guilt, that we're guilty and we're gonna get ours, okay, sooner or later.

I remember Aingeal Rose, many years ago, I didn't actually build the house, the house (the shell) was there already but I did a lot of work in the house so, I totally transformed it, you know, and I was so very proud of my work that I didn't want to let it go. I found it very difficult to sell it because I felt I made it, you see? So, what I'm getting at is, do you think that we don't want to give up this illusion because we've made it, and we've made such a good job of it, so we don't want to relinquish our ownership of this body, or our ownership of this illusion?

Well, I think we're worried that we'll be annihilated if we do. I think we worry about if we give it up there's nothing gonna be there, and we won't even be there. We'll have no identity at all if we give it up because we truly believe our identity is our body. So, if we give up the illusion of believing in that, and believing that this physical world is is real (again, in the sense that it's solid and fixed - I have to be clear), we're not making this world wrong. (Yeah) It's enjoyable, but if you could look at it from a different perception, one that's fluid, one where things aren't set in stone, one where miracles can happen.

Oh, what is a miracle? A miracle is a shift in perception that causes an instantaneous effect in the outer reality. That's a miracle - a shift in perception that causes an instantaneous change in the outer reality - despite the law of physics - that's a miracle. And that's the way we should be seeing. We should be coming from that place that anything is possible, because we have the plasma, and the lifeforce energy of God inside of us. We're made out of it. And it's all around us. That's when you go and you do these manifesting things, and you make affirmations or whatever, and you're really clear about your intention - it's the reason why it materializes. It is because the plasma field out there says, oh, you're giving me a new instruction, okay, well, here you go, here it is, you know. And at some point it pops. Now, speaking of a magical moment and a miracle, a miraculous moment.

We are, as I mentioned at the outset, at the top of Pilot Butte and we've got an extraordinary view of a sunset over the Three Sisters Mountains in the distance, and it is indeed truly miraculous at that level. So, we're going to take this opportunity to take a break. We'll leave you with this beautiful picture and we will be right back after this.

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Okay, you're very welcome back. You're listening to myself Ahonu and Aingeal Rose, and we have been really enjoying that miraculous few moments there watching that sunset.

Let us mention there's about a hundred other people up here also watching the sunset. There are. And they do it every night, Ahonu. They do. They come up to Pilot Butte to watch the sunset over the mountains. It's a beautiful thing.

Yeah. Now, before the break, Aingeal Rose, we were talking about guilt and how we think we'd be punished by God for making an illusionary world. Do you remember? And we also were talking about the fact that we don't really want to give up what we've made, and we like... we like living in the dream world, actually. You know, we like eating our gourmet meals and breathing fresh air, and you know, walking on a beach hand-in-hand, and raising children. It might be hard at times, but there's a wonderful pleasure to it, and all of that.

So, we don't want to give that up. And no one's asking us to give it up. They're just asking us to look at it differently.

Right. That's the key. That is the key, because I was reminded of something as we were watching the sun go down. Looking at the mountains made me think of this phrase in the Bible where Jesus, you know, told everybody that what he could do everyone else could do. And if you knew, if you were aware, you could say to the mountain "move" and it would move, and that's exactly the point I'm trying to make. It's a perception. It's not that you get out of the physical universe, that you dissolve the physical universe, that there's anything wrong with it - it's that you see it very differently. You see it as a malleable dreamscape in which you can put any dream. Right. So, why not make a happy dream?

The Course in Miracles also talks about that - why not make a happy dream? Yes, it's still the dream but you know it's a dream. You know it's a dream, but you're making it a happy dream. That makes sense.

And then, also I mentioned a keyword there earlier when I was talking about the sunset - how it was magical - and we would make magical things happen if we were at that level of consciousness and awareness. Well, miracles would be appearing... what we call miracles (yeah) if we really understood that we can mold reality any way we like. And we would know what was real. We would know definitely that all of this struggle, and scarcity, and suffering, and sickness, and death that we go through is a distorted perception.

And we wouldn't expend the energy creating anymore death or dying because we'd know that there's no point to it. We wouldn't be holding onto it as a perception, as a belief system. 

Right. Now, would that also be a reflection of our understanding that we're not guilty? Like, do you think they go hand-in-hand? The more we realized that we're not guilty of anything at all, that that's the realization that lifts us out of the illusion, lifts us out of the illusion. Absolutely. Absolutely.

Okay, because once your... especially if you can embrace that you literally are the God force. You're made up of it. You're literally, you're literally made up of it, okay. Your body is composed of the waters of life. Your spirit is there in the form of electricity, okay. It's in your body. You are a living plasma field that can change the quality of it anytime you realize. And, I think that's the key. And I'm not saying that's easy, because we really are talking about, you know, very ingrained beliefs in this reality in terms of it being fixed, and us being limited. So, we're talking about being able to embrace the truth of you, which is that you're a living God creation.

Okay, literally. We are divine fluid. Divine fluid, flowing through us. The water and the life. We are the water and the life. We are the waters of life. You can change the quality of water within yourself. You could tell it to be different. So, here's the thing - you know we've talked about this a lot as well, Ahonu, about the scientific studies where they've proven that water holds memory.

Right. Yes. Or, when we go collect the waters from different places and we ingest them. The Sacred Earth Waters ( You get to experience what that being is because you're in the water of it, right?

Yes. The memory of what it is is in there, so it's the same with ourselves, okay. We are living... and what we think we are is what those water crystals in our body turn into. 

Okay. Here are some of the points that we've covered over the last two weeks, actually. We've covered a lot and I'm just going to give you a few quick bullet points out of this. That...

Paying attention to life force energy molds it, and it does exactly what we want it to do. It is free and it's a clean life force energy. It's the magic of life. It is the God within. It's unlimited. It's unlimited, abundant. Yeah, and when we understood that, then there's no need to consume other life forms in order to live. That is true in truth, but we have to be careful that we're also not recommending that people stop eating, (yeah) because this shift in perception has to be really, really deep.

Yes. You have to really understand it, and there are people on this Earth that are breatharians, but there are people also who've tried to be and have starved to death. So, we have to say... caution people about that. Yeah, yeah. Indeed, we have to caution people about realizing, coming into realizations, because it really shakes up your entire belief system about everything. It does. Everything across the board. There's a word of warning here. That's right. What we're saying really, would shift your whole perception of everything on Earth. Yeah. Why you do what you do, why you believe what you believe, what you think about yourself. Like I say, science genetics, physics, all of it.

We also talked about the Divine fluid (when we were talking about water), you said that we are the waters and the life, and we are the fire, the electricity. We are the life principle in action. It's just that we forgot ourselves, and that we think we are something that we are not. And we believe that we're finite, and that we're solid, and that we are material, and that we need other physical things to keep us alive. So, isn't it interesting though, when you.. when you read out something like that, or you listen to it being said, that it kind of shocks you into thinking about it more deeply, and coming into a...

I'm sure there'll be many of our listeners who will be saying, yeah, yeah that makes sense, that makes sense, I could go along with that - and this is what happens that, it's like these little triggers of awakening that makes sense.

Because we have... we're too dynamic, we're to dynamic and too powerful to continue to live in an illusion. That's right. Yeah, yeah, and we expend so much energy doing it, we expend so much energy trying to keep it real. And the belief, yeah, we've created the belief that we've made ourselves finite and solid, where in fact, we are infinite. In fact, part of the realization today was that you can't materialize yourself.

You cannot materialize yourself because you are pure spirit. You can make an appearance of something, but you can't make it be so. Well, isn't that very strong to even contemplate that fact?

Yeah, and of course, on the level of the physical body, we're upset by this because we age and die, because we believe this, and that we believe that we have no life force supply of our own. We believe that we've cut ourselves off from the vital life force energy, and we believe that we have... well, of course, we have forgotten that we are the God within, and we believe that we are alone on this world, in this world, and in the universe. We feel that sense of separation, and isolation, and individuality. So, we're not connected to... 

And you know, one of the biggest illusions that I've heard across the spiritual community especially, is that "truth is different for everybody." And it's not. The fundamental truth is we are all what you're reading there. We're all spiritual energy. We're all water and the Holy Spirit - that's the fundamental truth. It's true beyond everything. What they're talking about is that each person can choose to have different perceptions and make their reality as they see it. Yes. But it doesn't make the fundamentals of them not true. You said that there is no outside world apart from our own imagining, and that all of this is a distortion of our thinking. Well, the distortion is in thinking we're limited and finite, and we have to suffer and die, and that... that's the distortion. Yeah.

You did mention a wonderfully stirring thing that we are the fallen angels, and that we've fallen into the belief that we're physical, and you mentioned about falling, and the false self, and that being false. Not a sinful being, now, when we're talking about a falling being, a fallen angel - we don't mean a sinful angel. We're not talking about a disobedient angel - we're talking about a misperception. The fall is when we had the misperception, or we forgot, you know, what we're really made of. Yeah. That's the fall. That's the root cause of all fear and illness and death. That's right.

Yeah, and of course, that fear is that we're afraid that there would be no more world, or that we would be found out in some way.

Yeah. We're afraid of it being exposed to us - of course, here we are exposing it, but I mean, we are afraid because yes, somebody will tell us that we've been living a lie all this time. Yeah, and on the level of your family you you may feel that, oh my God, you know, if this is all an illusion and it's no longer here, and if I believe it then I won't see or feel or be with my children, or they won't perceive me anymore, or I'll be gone, or does this mean... or everybody will disappear. Yeah, isn't it interesting... 

(Or the whole world will disappear in the blink of an eye)... how the ego brings in the fear again to reinforce the belief.

So, you'll still see the world, you just won't see it (yes) as solid. Yeah, you'll see that, like I mentioned, the dream world. You will, yeah, you'll look at that tree and you'll be able to see, like, I can look at that tree right now in front of us and see the form of it, but I'd also be seeing it in its light body. I'd be seeing the colors going through it, the molecules moving through it, the life force moving through it. That's when I see the real world. We would create magical things when we realize this. 

And I'm going to read two or three more lines, Aingeal Rose, that you wrote, that I think are really... they're fabulous for us to use to bring this session to a conclusion. And it is that, we would create magical things instead.

We would know what was really real. We wouldn't create any more death or dying because we'd know there's no point to it.

We'd realize we're not guilty, and finally, we would be truly free. So, until next week folks, you've been listening to myself Ahonu, and to my beautiful Aingeal Rose. See you next week. Bye bye.

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