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236: The Great American Eclipse - Really?

September 16, 2017

In this episode we revisit the Great American Eclipse to sample its essence from the water we collected at its totality.

We talked about our experience of the Great American Eclipse itself. Then we created a Sacred Earth Water from the eclipse at its totality. Before the eclipse had even passed in our location, we gathered together a small group of five people to ingest and sample and report on the effects of the sacred water that we have collected. In this episode you will hear those reports first hand.

Some of the things that came up for us during the ingestion sequence were:

  1. Feelings of lightness and calm
  2. Access to ancient memories
  3. That the eclipse portrayed our shadow selves
  4. Indications that the sun was a portal
  5. That the sun gave access to alien beings for interdimensional travel
  6. The sun allowed exit for us into other dimensions
  7. The healing properties of water
  8. The tip of the iceberg of the flat Earth theory
  9. The planes of existence after death
  10. Our Bethlehem in the brain
  11. Astrotheology
  12. ... and much, much more!

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