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235: Claim Your Divinity (Part 2 of 2)

September 9, 2017

Last Saturday's podcast asked a lot of questions. The big one was, do you know how to "Claim Your Divinity"? Click the image to watch on YouTube, or the play button on the left to listen. Remember to listen to Part 1 first.

This was a 2-part episode of The Honest-To-God Series. Ahonu and Aingeal Rose discussed these big questions about "Claiming Your Divinity":

  1. Do the elite have the right to control the earth?
  2. Are the Nephelim our ancestors?
  3. Are Royal families descended from the Nephelim?
  4. Are Royal families a different species of human?
  5. Are we genetically predisposed to slavery?
  6. Is our job to purify out a dark strain from our DNA?
  7. Is there an agenda to decrease the population?
  8. Is it harmful to carry the cell phone close to your body?
  9. Did Enki create the human form?
  10. How many versions of the human form have been created?
  11. Are there limitations built into the human body?
  12. Are we really creative likeness of the gods?
  13. What is junk DNA?
  14. Is our DNA being activated by the sun?
  15. Are new children more spiritually activated than our generation?
  16. Have we evolved from when we were created?
  17. Are negative forces trying to suppress humanity?
  18. Was the Scottish Stone Of Destiny originally Irish?
  19. Did the Stone Of Destiny originate in the Holy Land?
  20. Do we have any idea what it takes to be royalty?
  21. Is being of Royal descent a heavy responsibility?
  22. Can Royal families upgrade the Earth?
  23. Have the Royals claimed their own divinity?
  24. How do we claim our own divinity?
  25. Is all work holy?
  26. Is the true human sacred?
  27. Are we true humans?
  28. Do we have the ability to free ourselves out of slavery?
  29. Is sovereignty inherent in the human being?
  30. Are we really invincible?
  31. What is our highest heroic outcome?
  32. Is there a real God inside us?
  33. Can the God within be removed?
  34. Is polarization in our Kundalini?
  35. Is black magic used by the elite?
  36. Can black magic influence whole populations?
  37. Is good magic bad?
  38. Can changing the chemistry of our bodies lead to enlightenment?
  39. Is technology an progression towards artificial humans?
  40. Do we really want union with our divinity?
  41. How much power do unenlightened beings really have?
  42. Why don't we visualize a perfect rain to quench wildfires?
  43. Can consciousness control genetically engineered organisms?

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