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211: Do YOU Have Any Power?

March 25, 2017

In this discussion, Ahonu asks, "Do you love yourself enough to change for the better?" The answers he gets provide food for thought, and we find in this evocative discussion that we might have opportunities in every moment to grow in awareness and personal power, despite what's going on around us. When being fearful, Aingeal Rose was asked, "Why would you want to use your powerful mind to generate fear?"

  • Why do you have to pass laws to make us more responsible?
  • Who is saying 'yes' to poisoning our food and our water?
  • Is everything you perceive actually coming from you?
  • Do you really have the power to change yourself and your circumstances?
  • Is your worthiness dependent on your perceptions?
  • Do you live in a symbolic universe?
  • Do you have a dependence on authority figures to run your life?

We find that there is no rule of law that can overpower true sovereignty. Why don't we care enough about our food and our water to say 'no' to it being poisoned? Why do we allow ourselves to be in relationships where we are not valued?

Listen in to Aingeal Rose & Ahonu discuss all these issues and more!

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