Inner Earth, Extraterrestrials, and Human Transformation with Penny Kelly
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Inner Earth, Extraterrestrials, and Human Transformation with Penny Kelly
May 25, 2024
Aingeal Rose and Ahonu are joined by the insightful Penny Kelly as they explore Inner Earth, the idea of advanced civilizations seeking to uplift others, the role of ETs in monitoring and assisting different civilizations, and the potential for humans to navigate into a new world through consciousness. From experiences in underground tunnels to encounters with beings of light and discussions on the future of humanity, this episode expands our perspective on the interconnectedness of Earth, outer space, and inner realms. Join us as we uncover the mysteries of Inner Earth and the profound implications for our collective evolution.
🚀 This episode is an exploration of inner Earth energies and potential interactions with beings from other dimensions. It offers new perspectives on human potential and evolution. 

Timestamp Overview:
00:00 Mention of Chaco Canyon merges with question.
08:06 Discussion about underground crystals and their purpose.
14:16 Fascinating perspective on the existence of Inner Earth.
15:58 Cautiously exploring advanced underground places with extraordinary technology.
26:15 Standing in hayloft, felt transcendent light experience.
29:15 Education and culture shape cognitive abilities in childhood.
36:12 Program to help civilizations survive until advancement.
42:38 Shamanic lessons teach connection to the earth.
45:50 Preparing for imminent disaster with extensive underground infrastructure.
54:08 Efforts to introduce and rescue, teaching, choices.
58:58 ETs developed humans, deemed inferior, but persevered.
01:04:41 Resist Western influence, reclaim lost cultural treasures.
01:07:16 Overcoming fear to discover our origins.

Questions to ask yourself after listening to this episode:

1. What are some key reasons why extraterrestrial beings might be interested in Earth, according to Penny Kelly?
2. How does Penny Kelly explain the role of advanced civilizations in assisting other civilizations to advance and survive?
3. What is the significance of the program mentioned by Penny Kelly that involves picking up people from Earth to help them survive a potential micronova?
4. How does Penny Kelly describe the interconnectedness between humans and the Earth, particularly in terms of nature responding to human requests?
5. In what ways do Ahonu and Aingeal Rose share their experiences with inner earth energies and nature in this episode?
6. According to Penny Kelly, how might humanity manifest their desired outcomes using their skills and abilities despite facing a negative agenda?
7. How does Penny Kelly describe the potential shift to the 4th and 5th dimensions and the value of humanity's DNA in the eyes of other beings?
8. What are some examples provided in this episode that suggest advanced technology and beings existing in underground spaces, as recounted by Penny Kelly and Aingeal Rose?
9. How do the hosts and guest explore the concept of Inner Earth and its potential connection to historical sites like Chaco Canyon and Egypt?
10. Considering the discussions on advanced societies and their provisions for food and drink, what implications does this have for our understanding of food in higher dimensions and potential shifts in human consciousness?