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162: Is a Civil War Looming?

February 20, 2016

Just before Christmas on the Honest-to-God Series, we spoke about Climate Change, Cosmic Waves, Drought and Financial Collapse, and our good friend Penny Kelly outlined an impending global financial crisis. We invited Penny Kelly back to give us a world update, to answer questions and give her advice on how to prepare for, or indeed avert, these events. You might find some amazing and shocking answers here! Don't miss this session. If you do listen, we'd really appreciate a rating and review on iTunes. Your feedback encourages others and helps share truth!

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Who is Penny Kelly?

We’ve had Penny Kelly on several times discussing Consciousness and Energy and her work with Dr. Levengood on Crop Circles, Bovine Incisions, her encounter with the Elves of Lilly Hill Farm and her subsequent book of that name, and the Learning Center that she opened at Lilly Hill Farm in Lawton MI. For those of you that may have missed those episodes, here is a little update - Penny Kelly is a writer, teacher, consultant, speaker, publisher, and Naturopathic physician. She has been researching and exploring consciousness, cognition, perception and intelligence for over 30 years and has written seven books of her own while at the same time, publishes books on the subjects of spirituality and health for others. Penny has shared with us her experiences of consciousness and the growth of awareness, and the most recent time we discussed Jesus and whether he actually ever really lived or not.

Penny Kelly is the author of seven books, the one discussed in this episode is called: "Consciousness and Energy Vol. 3".

Special Guest: Penny Kelly.                                                                                                        

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