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161: Answers From The Akashic Records about Feng Shui and Sacred Geometry

February 13, 2016

Here for your listening pleasure is the 46th open-forum session of Answers from the Akashic Records with Ahonu & Aingeal Rose. This session's questions covered Feng Shui, Frequency, Grace, Love, Sacred Geometry, Sacred Sites & more!

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Here are some of the questions people asked:

  1. Is the spirit world, as seen after death, divided into frequency levels?
  2. Is love accumulative, and are there degrees of love?
  3. Is learning through adversity grist for the soul?
  4. What exactly is GRACE as it is being used by responses from Source?
  5. Is nature based on sacred geometry?
  6. Are government buildings modeled after sacred geometry principles?
  7. Are cathedrals and churches modeled after sacred sacred geometry?
  8. What is the impact for humanity from living in buildings that are designed after sacred sacred geometry principles?
  9. Is the Fibonacci spiral a death spiral?
  10. What geometries are our bodies modeled after?
  11. Do geometrics phase lock us?
  12. Are sacred sites laid out in a sacred geometry pattern?
  13. Do crystals have a sacred geometry structure, and if so, is this what gives them their healing properties?
  14. Does Feng Shui work, and if so, how?
  15. Can we have a world update?

As we face into more environmental and world changes, we are encouraged by your support and your ever increasing volume of great questions. This is why we hold these open-forum sessions of Answers From The Akashic Records, so that you can have answers to all these questions and more.


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Slán agus beannacht Dé libh go leir,


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