World of Empowerment

160: Bridging Heaven and Earth

February 6, 2016

Bridging Heaven & Earth is an international spiritual talk show produced by The Bridging Heaven & Earth Foundation, a 501(C)3 non-profit educational corporation. In this episode, the founder Allan Silberhartz (RIP) interviews Ahonu & Aingeal Rose on opening the heart; bridging the spiritual and the physical, the human and the divine, heaven and earth within each one and the Oneness of all Life.

With a great passion and joy for Love and Oneness, Allan begun "Bridging" in 1995, and since has spread its message of Love and Oneness across the international spiritual scene through many cable TV stations and the Internet. It has produced over 630 shows which are available worldwide including some of the planet’s brightest spiritual lights such as Byron Katie, Jose Arguelles, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Carlos Castaneda Disciples, Michael Beckwith, Laura Magdalene Eisenhower, Michael Tellinger and more.

Allen's vision was to be of service by promoting personal and social transformation worldwide through a new frequency revolution based on Love, Art and Synchronicity.

Human possibilities vastly exceed our imagination. We all have powerful capacities for evolving consciousness. When we take the time to realize and develop these capacities, we can transform our lives, communities and the world.

The goal of Bridging Heaven & Earth is to collaborate with other visionaries in their field of expertise who also feel the calling to raise the consciousness of a collective spirit.

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Slán agus beannacht Dé libh go leir,                                                                                                     

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