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159: Was Jesus subversive?

January 30, 2016

Daryl Ochs has almost completed a subversive book on the Jesus behind the Jesus everybody thinks they know! It's been a two-year journey and opened his eyes and heart in ways he never envisioned. The book is called "Guidebook for Subversive Christians: Connecting the Forgotten Good News of Jesus with the 21st Century".

Daryl and his lovely wife Deanna came into the studio to speak about his forthcoming book. Listen to them speak to Ahonu & Aingeal Rose about what Daryl believes Jesus was really all about.

Daryl told us, "I’ve waited until my 75th year to attempt writing this book; partly because it has taken me that long to figure some things out, and partly because it just never occurred to me earlier."

Daryl tells us, "For most of the past two thousand years, Christian culture totally lost and ignored the entire story of what was happening around and with Jesus in those ancient days of the Roman Empire.

"It’s my contention", he says, "that we must rediscover his appreciation for how the universe functions if there is to be any realistic prospect of hope for humankind’s future.

"The clergy have been largely reluctant to share this information with church members through real and imagined fear of the consequences. The general public has had little access to this significant insight until the past thirty years or so, and then generally not through their church."

Join us in this intriguing look, through Daryl’s eyes, at a gospel we seldom meet. Be forewarned; it might prove to be subversive!

Daryl's book will be found on Amazon shortly. His website is called More Fully Human.

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