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157: How to fly through life!

January 16, 2016

Richard Benson has held a Private Pilots license since 1977, and in this episode, he teaches us how to fly through life. He uses the term "out of the blue" a lot, but not as an aeronautical term, more like what living a spontaneous life looks like. We caught up with Richard at a seminar he runs every January in Bend, Oregon.
Following 18 years of running a successful and fulfilling practice as a Chiropractor in Bend, Richard Benson 'retired' at 44 to follow his passion of inspiring individuals and groups to cultivate their own balance and inner peace through experiential gatherings & play-shops. He founded and guides the experiential GOLDEN BRIDGE SEMINARS, focusing on opening the heart, releasing the past, and creating our future. His purpose and mission is to empower people to open their hearts and recall their Divine nature.

Richard is the author of two books, the first called: Stepping Into Your Personal Field of Abundance: How I Retired at Age 44 and the second one is called Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

He loves photography, fishing and cats. He can be contacted at

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Slán agus beannacht Dé libh go leir,

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