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156: The Game of Life on Earth by Randall Shelton

January 9, 2016

"Forever is the period in which you find yourself living." That is a quote from Randall Shelton's book Life on Earth: The Game - a Manual for those that didn't bring theirs. 
We were blest to meet Randall when we moved to Redmond, Oregon. He was conducting a meeting in the local library, an "extended thought meeting", he called it! 

Randall is one of those rare individuals that exudes wisdom, and you cannot help but feel safe and guided in his presence. Today we asked him to come into the studio to speak to us about his life and the manual he wrote about the game of life.
Randall says, "I'm over the 3/4 Century mark and loving each moment. Were the truth really known, this kid from Kansas is just catching his second wind."

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Here is another quote from Randall:

"Finding yourself is the challenge... Finding yourself in the forever in which you are. A game most certainly. Finding oneself is the game. One's self is the focus - in this game."

He also said:

"You are Light – settled into the dark corners that are developing on their own - as result of the feelings of fear being generated within the major populace of un-lightened beings as they walk in their sleep, listening to and believing most of that which is being offered up - as Truth."

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Slán agus beannacht Dé libh go leir,

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