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155: Cremation, Death, Fear, Reincarnation, Terrorism & more!

January 2, 2016

Here for your listening pleasure is the 45th open-forum session of Answers from the Akashic Records with Ahonu & Aingeal Rose. This session revolved around Baptism, Cremation, Death, Fear, Forgiveness, Morgellon's Disease, Mushrooms, Reincarnation, Self Mastery, Terrorism & more!

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Here are some of the questions people asked:

  1. Is the practice of baptism really necessary or have any spiritual value at all?
  2. We found out that there are other gods that have been willed into life by believers, do people who believe in those other gods like "Jehovah" perish and live their next life under the belief system of their religion associated with those beliefs?
  3. Some TV mediums (like John Edward) have stated that our loved ones who have passed over are with us and can see what is going on with us on Earth. When our loved ones have re-incarnated, are they still available to us in spirit form, attending our special occasions, etc? If so, how can they be with us in spirit and also in new bodies?
  4. Do deities reincarnate? If so could they be anyone?
  5. When parts of ourselves are "fractured off" due to traumatic events in prior incarnations, why is it that when we die/pass over (and waiting for our next incarnations) we do not seek out out and all these fractured parts, heal them and integrate them back within our souls before entering into an incarnation? Please explain why this re-integration process does not take place before we re-incarnate again.
  6. Since we all have other aspects of ourselves in other dimensions, can we ask our other selves to help us with difficult issues, such as health & job issues? If so, HOW do we go about asking our other selves to help with our current issues?
  7. When you see a faint group of beings near the time of a loved ones death. Are they waiting closer to the earth and therefore available to be seen?
  8. Where do the blue skinned beings reside?
  9. What plane of existence does Krishna reside?
  10. This might sound silly but I love using a free app on my tablet called ghost radar which reads energy and forms words. Often I think it is reading my own higher self. Can you ask Source what it thinks of this technology and how else could it be used?
  11. What is Morgellon’s disease? Does it come from off-planet? Is it carried in family bloodlines? How can it be treated?
  12. A psychic told me I’m holding a lot of negativity of the past & present, and I need to love myself, and balancing the heart chakra was suggested to me. What do you consider the easiest/fastest/most effective way to rid oneself of negativity?
  13. There are several people who have somehow contracted a long term illness at an early age. For example joints problems like osteoarthritis in late 20s or MS or Lupus in early 30s, etc. They go through lots of physical pain throughout their life and struggle with normal life activities as a result. Why do they contract these conditions from their soul perspectives? Is it the punishment of their past life karma or nothing to do with that? And what should they do to make things better for themselves in achieving their life purpose more effectively in such conditions? Grateful for an understanding.
  14. What does Source say about Magic Mushrooms, particularly the Fairy Cap verity? Do they enhance our mind and enable us to get beyond the normal brain barrier, and so facilitate a deeper communication with Mother Earth and beyond? When done in the right frame of mind, (by someone of sound mind) with the respect and reverence they deserve, does Source think a regular (4 or 5 times a year) taking of these gifts would aid and illuminate our soul work on this planet? Where did they originate from, are they from Earth, or further afield?

We are encouraged by your support and your ever increasing volume of great questions. This is why we hold these open-forum sessions of Answers From The Akashic Records, so that you can have answers to all these questions and more.

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Slán agus beannacht Dé libh go leir,

Aingeal Rose & Ahonu                                                                                                       

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