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154: Do we really choose our lives?

December 26, 2015

Gretta Murphy's life is a true story of trauma to triumph! Born in Tramore, Co. Waterford, Ireland to a mentally ill and abusive mother, Gretta's first child was stillborn and later her 4 children were abducted by their father. She suffered mental and emotional abuse in a long string of harrowing circumstances that would have broken most people. She recovered custody of her children in time, and in a wonderful story of reconciliation, eventually found the unmarked grave of her stillborn child. Her story is an inspiration to live and love well.

Gretta now works as an Integrated Energy Therapy® Master Instructor, and has done for well over 15 years. She has over two decades of experience in a range of healing modalities which include, Reiki, Ki-Massage, Reflexology, Bio-Energy, Rahanni Celestial Healing, Magnified Healing and Access Consciousness® Bars.  It is IET® however, that works miraculously in her life and her work.  She has taught it extensively in Ireland, Belgium, Spain and throughout the Australian continent and is proud to have been one of our top IET Master-Instructors consecutively since 2003.

Listen to how Gretta turned her life around and hear how she is changing peoples lives around the world.


What people are saying about Gretta -

"Gretta, you have an amazing capacity to bring forth Spirit, my experience with you was dynamic!" ~ Lauren Jarrett, Byron Bay, NSW, Australia

"Gretta I am completely free of all symptoms and I have now got the "all clear" from the Hospital Specialist." ~ Michael Byrne, Tramore, County Waterford

"Gretta has a decidedly intuitive approach to her work and is without doubt, divinely guided in her practice." ~ Richard Hatton, Waterford

Gretta has written her autobiography entitled "I Chose My Life!" Click the image below to get "I Chose My Life" from Amazon in Kindle format.


This is the story of an extraordinary woman. You can find her website here:

Contact Gretta at [email protected]



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Slán agus beannacht Dé libh go leir,                                                                                                       

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