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153: Ray Maor – International Master Of Awakening

December 19, 2015

Ray Maor is a breatharian. Ahonu & Aingeal Rose asked him many questions about how a body can live without food, and live on light (or prana). We asked him questions like:

  • Is breatharianism part of our spiritual development?
  • Are there any true breatharians alive on earth right now?
  • Is breatharianism attainable or desirable?
  • Is breatharianism still a form of eating?
  • Is breatharianism only available to adult humans, or can a child be born to live off prana?
  • Is it possible for an animal to be breatharian?
  • Is breathing an addiction?
  • What is Source’s opinion of eating?
  • Is eating an addiction?
  • Is eating meat bad for us?
  • Did humans always have to eat?
  • Is consuming other lifeforms considered murder?
  • At what state is the human being when he desires to eat?
  • If we were not meant to consume and digest food why do we have organs of digestion?
  • What is the purpose of our organs if we didn't have to eat?
  • Are there planets in our solar system that don’t consume other lifeforms to survive?
  • Does the spirit form consume anything?

Listen in to get the answers, and hear how Ray Maor is bringing harmony to our world.

Ray says, "I am a guide for self-mastery and a breatharian initiation guide. I have been living a Pranic Breatharian way of life for many years now. It is my goal to raise global consciousness and share my knowledge of claiming our full potential as human beings."

Ray has written a book about his experience as a breatharian and is making it available free from his website as a PDF download. Click the image below to get "A Year Without Food" from Amazon in Kindle or print format.


He teaches people how to be breatharians from his workshop in Israel. You can find out more about Ray and his 10-day process here: 

Contact Ray at ... :-)

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Special Guest: Ray Maor.                                                                                                    

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