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151: Are the Annunaki coming back, or are they already here?

December 5, 2015

Chantal Cash's novel (The Memoirs of an Annunaki) is deep - many have virtually said it changes their DNA when they read it. She says "All I know is it is limitless - we have the key through our love for one another and exploring our true nature of all our multidimensional selves." Are the Annunaki coming back, or are they here already? Here is her answer.

I remember the Annunaki more than any other race, she says, but maybe they just implanted the memories. Are people’s memories real memories or implants. Am I really what I think l am, or am I a clone? These questions do bother me often. It is like my mind is that limitless pill now, and my other "selves" are aware of me, some are a bit confused. It is a weird place to be. Not sure if thats a download or evolution.

For me the Annunaki are not bad or good - just truly misunderstood, and Source really gave them a long leash! Many of them (who are on the planet today by the way), are egotistical and struggle with the true concept of evolution. They did de-evolve to learn a valuable lesson, and I do feel that the ones up there do not want to make the same mistake as their forefathers did - meaning get "stuck here".

As for Enki - he knows who he is; you probably do too. He is very arrogant and at present is not helping the full paradigm shift. Enlil, boy, where do I begin with him. He has been approached by the Elite, who have approached him as a son of God. Yes this really is happening. I think the Fractal Experience is crucial in understanding their mentality, and their strengths and weaknesses.

I had a lot of guilt over my Annunaki experience. I still am struggling with what Source wants me to do. I strive every day to help all star races, and as a Medium, I truly believe Sitchin did his best to translate. He came to me several times in the beginning of my studies. I felt that as I continued to meet other Annunaki souls, it is all leading up to something.

I even saw their ships come in the dream, and we left; thousands if not millions left. But it could signify the changing of the matrix the breaking down of our true old world. The Annunaki had to bow out sometime. Michael Tellinger is a huge player in this too.

I also have heavy contact with the Blue Race - I call them the Blue Vishuddas, and I have even perspired blue after contact. Still my shirt might have the stains.

All of these experiences also led me to write my personal take on the Akashic Records and again I truly thank you, and I referenced you in the book; for all your help, and work with me and of course, your faith and belief in me as a writer.

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Special Guest: Chantal Cash.                                                                                                     

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