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147: Get Your Life Back

November 7, 2015

Get Your Life Back is a 12-week Journey To Overcome Stress, Anxiety and Depression. Mary Heath’s book is designed and structured in such a way that it leads you through a selection of therapies, skills and techniques from an eclectic mix of disciplines. Mary has based her unique and ground breaking book on her successes throughout her career.

Writing, designing and delivering many hundreds of classes, courses and workshops for countless patients and clients suffering the ill effects of stress, anxiety and depression Mary discovered what were the most effective and beneficial therapies and techniques to bring about a full recovery. When working on a one-to-one basis Mary also found that just one technique or skill or therapy alone was not as effective as combining several different coping strategies chosen and tailored to suit individual needs.

Here, in her innovative book, the reader will discover what works best for them with a pick & mix approach. The contents are varied and wide ranging. One day you will be learning how to control anxiety, the next discovering a new method of relaxation, and on another drawing up an effective plan to organize your day.

Get Your Life Back is meant to be read one day at a time, putting into practice the advice for that particular day. However, readers can obviously take as much time as they like, working through the course at their own pace and according to their own particular needs and circumstances.


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Special Guest: Mary Heath.                                                                                                    

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