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143: What about Authority, Religions, Yoga? (Part 2)

October 10, 2015

This is Part 2 that is following on from previous episode No. 142 where thousands have asked us questions on various media about religions, Ahonu asks Aingeal Rose these questions in the Akashic Records, and her answers will both inspire and astonish you!

Part 1 ~ Part 2

In this episode, Ahonu asked her:

  1. What is Source's view of religions in general?
  2. What would the world be like if we weren't influenced by religions?
  3. Can you talk to us about the pagan influence behind the Catholic religion?
  4. Are all belief systems about God made up?
  5. Have religions helped our evolution or hindered it?
  6. What about the yogic way to enlightenment?
  7. Are ALL traditions, myths and cultures made up by man?
  8. What would the human being be like without outside influences?
  9. Are we as a species destined to always have hierarchy?
  10. Is it true that humanity naturally degenerates like in the book and film "Lord of the Flies"?
  11. Are we capable of evolving our own biology and consciousness?
  12. What influences predate religions and goddess cultures?
  13. Who would we be by now if there were no authority figures molding us?
  14. Can Source tell us what influences have helped us and what have stifled us?
  15. Can Source give us an assessment of the human race as it stands now?
  16. What is the most important thing Source would like us to know about ourselves?
  17. What was the intention behind the ancient practice of sacrificing lambs?
  18. ...and more!

We have all been watching the increasing pace of climate change, the waves of electro-magnetic energy coming from the sun and the cosmos, the rumors of impending financial collapse, the new laws mandating vaccinations, growing health concerns, and much more. This is why we hold the free series of Answers From The Akashic Records, so that you can have answers to all these issues and more.

Remember, these are group sessions, not for personal consultations. There are no personal questions asked in the group sessions. Personal questions are reserved for private readings through Aingeal Rose’s website In the group sessions, you ask bigger questions about God, the universe, healing, the world, suffering, science, religion, life, humanity etc. Have a listen to this episode and hear never-before-heard Answers From The Akashic Records.

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With blessings,

Aingeal Rose & Ahonu

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