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139: Why be more loving, and why now?

September 12, 2015

"Why be more loving, and why now?" We asked Aliana Alani, who is a writer, visual artist, human potential facilitator, and frequent traveller. She is Canadian born, now living in Winnipeg. She has lived in Ireland, touched the shores of Spain and Italy, spent time in Australia and drinks in the Aloha of Hawaii as often as she can. She answered by saying she has a love of myth and story, its power and magic in our lives, and how it forms and colors our journeys. She is haunted by beauty and the magnificence and wonder of our world.

Aliana loves to inspire. She creates wonderful sacred geometry 'gates' that open energetic doors and help people come to a place of balance. She loves to travel, and experience new cultures. Indeed she spent 10 years in my homeplace of Wicklow, known as the Garden of Ireland.

But first and foremost, she's a storyteller. Her book, a novel called Between Worlds, is set in present day Los Angeles and also in County Wicklow, Ireland, and in the time of the sixth century moments before Glendalough began its historic journey to become a renowned monastic city. It tells the tale of a woman who leaves her Hollywood life behind to follow the path of face that has begun to haunt her. She goes to Ireland in the hopes of finding answers to its mystery. Ireland takes her along a journey she had not remotely expected, both present and past. In the course of her time there, she begins to touch into another world. As she does, we too enter and when we do, the sixth century comes to life. Gradually we walk its world as well as the present day, just as she begins to herself. Eventually these worlds merge, and when they do, we discover the mystery hidden for ages within the folds of Glendalough's time waiting to finally be revealed.

Aliana has this crazy idea that each of us has within us, the ability to weave an incredible story, for ourselves and for our world; a story of magic, harmony and love - that if we do that, our world will transform and we will all blossom.

For her, Shangrila is here and now, and it even reflects in her website:

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139: Why be more loving, and why now?

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