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134: Does Fasting Raise Consciousness?

August 8, 2015

Penny's book "Consciousness and Energy, Vol. 3" is comprehensive. It is really too much for just one interview. This is our continuing discussion, but this time, our prime question that motivated this session is this:

Does fasting raise consciousness? Find out here!

We also discussed Spiritual Awakening, Kundalini, Meditation, Sleep & so much more! We got answers from Penny to questions like:

  • How you did your fast, for how long?
  • What were the ups and downs and the results of your fast?
  • You mentioned in your book that you wanted to observe the effects of food on consciousness and what would happen if the diet changed. Can you share with us what you found?
  • What do you think food is all about?
  • Were we meant to live without food?
  • Is food part of the reason we are ill?
  • Can you describe the silvery liquid that filled the tube in your spine on day 5 of your fast?
  • You mentioned that kundalini had reawakened during your fast and that it was not welcomed by you since you had such a hard time with it in the past. What exactly is Kundalini?
  • Do we all need to awaken kundalini to achieve our higher abilities?
  • What are the abilities associated with kundalini?
  • Can you describe what you believe to be the purpose of our existence in relation to kundalini awakening?
  • What kind of potential do we all have?
  • You mentioned that when Kundalinin is awakened, you don't sleep. What is it like to not sleep?
  • Why do we need sleep now?
  • Is not sleeping a hard thing to get use to?
  • Is death normal?
  • In terms of the awakening of mankind, what do you feel are the greatest obstacles to the awakening of our God selves?
  • Can you talk to us about some of the stages of awakening?
  • How does the outer world affect our inner world?
  • Do we create the outer world with our consciousness or does the outer world mould us?
  • Have you seen 'other Earth's' that are paradisical?
  • Why is our current Earth such a hate filled and warring place?
  • What do we need to do as a species to bring more light to our world?

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Special Guest: Penny Kelly.                                                                                                      

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