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130: A Film Director’s Mystic Journey in Ethiopia

July 11, 2015

A few years ago (2012), Aingeal Rose and I had a wonderful woman on our radio show called Shellie Enteen from North Carolina discussing the Aramaic translation of the Lord's Prayer and The Beatitudes. It really opened up a whole new line of inquiry into what we've been handed down, and what we've been led to believe. (You can listen to that episode here).

Well, didn't we have our good friend Jamie Delaney in the house with us today, and we were talking about that Aramaic translation, and how much has been distorted, twisted, and turned into different versions.

Didn't he announce to us that in his work as a film director, he was charged with a particular project for an Irish charity to go to East Africa to spend a month in Ethiopia on a commercial. In this episode, Jamie tells us the story of his experiences there. He explains that he was very impressed with the people, that they were speakers of Aramaic, and that they had Coptic Christianity way before our version of Christianity came down to us.

So, we talked about the churches that he found in Ethiopia, we talked about the wonderful language of Sanskrit and Aramaic and then we touched on the ancient Celtic language of OGHAM. We discussed mythology in Christianity and the translation of the Lord's prayer. We talked a little bit about curses and spells, the power of the Yew trees in graveyards, we talked about fairy raths, and then we finished up speaking about mystical Christianity and the version that is practiced around the world today.

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Special Guest: Jamie Delaney.                                                                                                        

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