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114: Penny Kelly - Is Economic Collapse Imminent?

May 31, 2014

We’ve had Penny Kelly on several times discussing Consciousness and Energy. For those of you that may have missed those episodes, here is a little update - Penny Kelly is a writer, teacher, consultant, speaker, publisher, and Naturopathic physician. She has been researching and exploring consciousness, cognition, perception and intelligence for over 30 years and has written six books of her own while at the same time, publishes books on the subjects of spirituality and health for others. Penny has shared with us her experiences of consciousness and the growth of awareness, and the most recent time we discussed Sex & Kundalini as well as the Evolving or Collapsing of the world as we know it. Before that, in 2013, we talked about dreams and whether Jesus actually ever really lived or not. Today, we look to the future and discuss the imminent, global Financial Collapse.

We talked about the financial conflict that is causing disintegration, and what will happen if we don't change things. We spoke about the East-West struggle over money; the demise of the dollar and how the elite are realizing that capitalism is not working anymore. We talked about how money was hypnosis and how we need to inspire others through the growth of consciousness and through a little humor. Penny Kelly spoke eloquently about the monetization of everything in our societies as we experience it today and she also spoke about how we move towards that freedom and self-sovereignty into the future. She said we will experience chaos until around 2030 and all that change will already have happened by 2080.

We discussed how the government becomes less and less effective in the future and how her experience with the little men in brown robes told her about the World Council of Ethics that would form soon to oversee disputes. We talked about how history was fabricated to degenerate consciousness and how we are coming from a legacy of violence. We mentioned how we will have smaller but more aware populations in the future and how we will shift from the nation-state mentality.  

Penny mentioned that death was only a way of getting quickly to another place of starting. We took another look at the whole power and control phenomena that have so many people in fear and finally, Penny gave advice about children having children and how it was so important to first grow in consciousness, and then think about having children. She finished by suggesting pointers for the future on how to develop self-sufficiency to build community by starting sharing.

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Special Guest: Penny Kelly.                                                                                                      

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