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112: Catalyzing Growth - how to do do it safely!

May 3, 2014

Join Aingeal Rose and AHONU today as we talk about how to catalyze personal growth.

Why do we use drugs and other stimulants to catalyze us into growth? How does this catalyzing work? Do we all need to be catalyzed from outside to grow and evolve? Why do we use drugs and other stimulants to catalyze us into growth?

It's because we have all forgotten what life is all about. We are trying to remember the truth of ourselves. It's like being lost at sea without a compass. Once you start believing in the alter ego as yourself, you perceive yourself to be disconnected from the flow of life. It is really all about becoming aware of your connection. Your connection to God/Source has never gone anywhere. It is all one giant movement. If we could just relax and allow ourselves to be in the flow of this giant movement without resistance, we would become the magnificence of which you often speak about. 

There would be no desire to be anything else, other than all of it. Everything you would look upon, every person, every flower and every tree - you would recognize as being part of you. That you are it and it is you. Once again, you would become very aware of the vastness of everything. It is little minds that desire to remember lost souls who believe they are all alone, longing for reconnection to ME. This is why hallucinogens are used. Its why all these techniques are use to help people reconnect, when all that is really needed is to be willing to stop believing that you are a separate distinct identity of your own design.

This is what has gotten everyone into trouble. This is what causes wars and suffering in the world. Even to believe that you are somehow separate and distinct from me is an error. You look out of distorted eyes and see division everywhere. You pick and choose what you accept and deny. You accept some things and cast other things away; not realizing it is all one thing. You are the relationship to everything and it to you. You will not have peace or know love until you understand this. Only then will you have embraced life. 

How does this catalyzing work? Do we all need to be catalyzed from outside to grow and evolve? It's all one action. There is no outside yourself. We are all ebbing and flowing with the flow of life. The error is in thinking that you have a separate identity. We are looking at pure consciousness. We are a focal point of consciousness. But consciousness nonetheless. It's all one relationship. Think of it like this, it's why we use the example of stars in the sky, consider that all diversity is like stars in the sky. They are really all made of the same thing. They are just focal points of attention. The fact that consciousness can be aware of itself is part of the magic of life.

So, do we get stimulated by outside forces? You are in an ebb and flow of all life everywhere. It is one giant movement of consciousness and all consciousness affect all consciousness. Everything that happens in the universe catalyzes. We catalyze it and it catalyzes us. There is no separation or division. The problem comes when we believe that we are somehow apart or separated from this flow. As soon as we do that, we are no longer in the flow. We are in resistance to it. This is when you begin to perceive yourself as small and distinct, thus making everything about you much more difficult and struggle oriented. 

When we talk about dissolving the alter ego, or small sense of self, we do it because it is an error or distortion, a correction to be made in our thinking, so that we can come back into the flow of the universe. There is nothing happening outside of ourselves. We are all one giant movement of life. The single points of consciousness, because they can become self aware, can affect the flow of consciousness, the way it moves and coalesces. Once you start to realize what I'm saying, you are in the flow of love; you are in the heartbeat of creation. You become aware of yourself as the vast universe, moving and flowing, realizing and becoming, growing and breathing in the action of creation. Its all one action, you see, there is no separate evolution, by which you define yourself. But there is greater and greater awareness and immersion into the flow of everything.

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