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111: The Famous Deceased - where are they now?

April 26, 2014

Every Saturday for the last few years, Twin Flames Aingeal Rose & AHONU have interviewed amazing people and discussed exciting and controversial subjects on The Honest-to-God Series on World of Empowerment Radio. Today we are not talking to live people, but to dead people. Join Aingeal Rose and AHONU today for a lively discussion on the Famous Deceased.

Hitler is observing but not participating. He is quarantined in the afterlife. Gandhi is a masterful ball of light. Joan of Arc came back as an artist. Harriet Tubman incarnated as a black newspaper boy, and said, "y'all haven't changed much". John F. Kennedy was with the founding fathers, watching and influencing, but not in body at this time. We found out that Michael Jackson did take responsibility for his own lack of responsibility in his life and around his death.

Princess Diana is in the family of Dody Fayed. She used her time in the English Royal household to garner influence for her new mission as a strong FEMALE presence in the Arab/Muslim world. Mary Magdalene was not legally married to Jesus - they were twin flames and were married in spirit. They had children and went to France together. She is not on Earth now. She came to put ascension codes back into the human DNA. Jesus is involved in advanced spiritual work on other celestial locations, working as an advocate for intergalactic peace. He will appear on Earth, but not return in a physical body.

Jack Cousteau is on a plane of music and is still concerned about the oceans. George Washington is in a place of learning and is not in a body. Queen Elizabeth I is a rock star, enjoying her freedom, now influencing people through music. Dr. Mary Wallace is a grandmother in Connecticut. Thomas Jefferson is active in politics and business right now. Franklin Roosevelt is exposed to higher learning and is setting the historical record straight. He is living through his progeny. Pat Tillman had a past life history of being shot in battle and is now resting and reviewing. John Lennon will be in music again and will influence the world with music.

William Wallace helped develop the Wild West. Osama bin Laden said the Navy SEALs account of his death was a fabrication and that 9/11 was the beginning of the clampdown of the One World Order. John Wayne was not concerned about his house in Newport Beach. Malcolm X is not in the body and is not interested in Earth right now. Thoth (or Hermes) has not always used his power with integrity, and thinks humans act like idiots. Martin Luther King will be back as a religious person, and is working in spirit to help Barack Obama right now.

Julius Caesar does not want to be seen as negative anymore. Nikola Tesla is inspiring inventors. Napoleon Bonaparte is living through his progeny and has no plans to return to Earth. Anu of the Annunaki cannot intervene on Earth for the moment. The Blessed mother wants to wash away the past and to bring peace to Earth.

We found that the many planes of existence after death are real. We did discuss in some detail that people take their religious beliefs with them into the afterlife. Not only do we make up this life but all the planes of existence in the afterlife are made up by us also. We spoke about martyr consciousness and the victim victimizer mindset.

Finally, Aingeal Rose mentioned about 'The Naked Truth' video which showed that, 18 times in history, we saw the Virgin birth, crucifixion, resurrection and ascension all happen before in different ages. We also found that that there is such a thing as original thought, and that inspirational thought can come from the mind of God.

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