World of Empowerment

109: Predictions, Prophecies & Timelines

April 12, 2014

Aingeal Rose & AHONU discuss Predictions, Prophesies and Timelines on our Sat morning World of Empowerment Radio Show. We looked at our orientation in terms of past, present and future, how we create our futures, the martyr consciousness, victim and victimizer suffering and how we move into resurrection consciousness.

We spoke of the importance for all of us to be very mindful of our thoughts at this time. We spoke about the timelines and the Armageddon scenario and its opposite, Paradise Earth. We discussed also about using the resources of the earth sparingly. We talked about judging others, we covered how death is just a simple choice and we gave a brief mention to Santos Bonacci and his principles of astro-theology. We spoke about the power of thought in manifesting an outcome, the power of nature and we discussed sustainable living.

Aingeal Rose described beautifully what it was like to be in a true moment and creating a blissful future by living in the moment. We talked about the aging process and what creates aging and we discussed a little bit about the martyr, crucifixion and victim-victimizer consciousness. We spoke about zombie and vampire energy, believing in judgment, the ever-present opportunity to realize love, and how it's so important for us now to be in a blessing mode instead of judging. We asked how to be in a beautiful relationship with all life everywhere at all times, and how now it's so important to redirect our thoughts to the growth of awareness and shift to a sentient consciousness. We covered the sound frequency of resurrection, which is the process of forgiveness. So all in all we had a wonderful discussion of how our orientation has been in terms of past, present and future and how we create our futures and how we move it into resurrection consciousness.

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