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108: Dreams are only dreams, or are they?

April 5, 2014

Dreams are the focus of our discussion today - but not ordinary dreams. We discuss everything from the perspective of God/Source. Join Aingeal Rose and AHONU in determining if God dreams when you dream? Find out if your dreams are personal to you?

Of course, we found out that God has no necessity to dream at all. Indeed, nor does any enlightened being. We talked about dreams help us rejuvenate the body and how we leave the body in dreams. We talked about the alternate realities in dreams, we discussed prophetic dreams and that we go on these planetary missions while dreaming. We talked about the Native American traditions around soul journeys and picking up soul pieces.

We had a brief discussion about nightmares, their purpose and their impact, and how fears manifest in dreams. We talked about the unlimited dimensions that are out there, and then we looked at the extraordinary abilities that we have while in the dream state. We also talked about the multiple languages that are spoken but how our own perceptions filter the language of our dreams into one that we understand. We talked about the chemicals that are in the brain that cause dreaming to happen.

Then we looked at disorienting and disturbing dreams. We talked about the negative forces that are out there and the possibility of hibernation zones. We spoke about the spirit that dreams in us. We talked about the perception that our disconnection from Spirit is what causes us to go out there seeking that union with Spirit. We talked about past life dreams, lucid dreaming, the whole apocalyptic scenarios that can manifest out of dreams, the people in our dreams (who they are and what they mean to us).

We talked about dream interpretation and looking to the dream books for the meaning of your dreams. We found that writing down your dreams and keeping a dream journal is a good thing. Before we wound down, we discussed reoccurring dreams, sexual dreams and we looked at what happens when you wish a person sweet dreams. We talked about dream-catchers and then we finally found that the real reality of God's love is not a dream at all, and that it is the reality that we all aspire to.

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