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104: Are We Evolving Or Collapsing?

March 8, 2014

Penny Kelly asks "Are we Evolving or Collapsing?" on our Sat morning Honest-to-God Series Radio show. She raises points about our role in creating the future we want.

We’ve had Penny Kelly on several times discussing Consciousness and Energy and her work with Dr. Levengood on Crop Circles, Bovine Incisions, her encounter with the Elves of Lilly Hill Farm and her subsequent book of that name, and the Learning Center that she opened at Lilly Hill Farm in Lawton MI. For those of you that may have missed those episodes, here is a little update - Penny Kelly is a writer, teacher, consultant, speaker, publisher, and Naturopathic physician. She has been researching and exploring consciousness, cognition, perception and intelligence for over 30 years and has written six books of her own while at the same time, publishes books on the subjects of spirituality and health for others.

Penny has shared with us her experiences of consciousness and the growth of awareness, and the most recent time we discussed Sex & Kundalini. Before that, in 2013, we talked about dreams and whether Jesus actually ever really lived or not. Today we are continuing our discussions on consciousness but specifically about making choices about our future, and about our role in creating the future we want. Penny wants to leave you with a global understanding of our world, a sense of vision, and an understanding that we have work to do, because these are necessary if we are going to heal and evolve the civilization rather than collapse.

Summary: We talked about our resistance to change, the need to see the big picture, the forces at work in the world today. We covered the 'promise software', state capture and what's beyond democracy. We talked about the World Council of Ethics, the need for sustainable communities, the need to regain our own personal power and authority, and the need to be spiritually mature.  We discussed brain highways, food, nutrition, education, politics, heavy metals, and being honest in your relationships. We talked about belief systems as a straitjacket and how belief systems become your identity. Then we went into nurturing and challenging each other, and our attitude toward animals. We spoke in depth about Mehran Keshe and the Keshe Foundation, the plasma future, energy signatures in medicine, and surviving and thriving by not participating in the old system. We wound down by getting a glimpse into the beautiful future and how we use technology without pollution to clean oceans and grow food and become healthy.

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Special Guest: Penny Kelly.                                                                                                       

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