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100: Heather Wolfe, You - and the Yoga of Nurturance

February 8, 2014

Heather Wolfe trained as a nurse in Ireland, her native country, and lived in the USA for 38 years, where she studied and practiced many different healing modalities. She taught Polarity Therapy both in Ireland and America, which includes CranioSacral Therapy, Chakra and Sound Healing, as well as Spiritual Awareness/Knowledge, Movement, Communication Skills and Nutritional Wellbeing. She is a Reiki Master and MariEl Healer, Quantum Touch and Therapeutic Touch Practitioner, Magnified Healer, Mind Body Yoga and QiGong Instructor, and has trained in Ericksonian Psychotherapy, and Psychosynthesis as well as Coaching, Addiction Rehabilitation and Detoxification. She includes the plant kingdom in her sessions in the form of flower remedies and Essential Oils.

Heather spent time in Central America with Dr. Rosita Arvigo studying Mayan Abdominal Massage, a wonderful technique brought to us by Rosita’s Shamanic Teacher, Don Elijio Panti to align the uterus. Her diagnosis and recovery from breast cancer in December 2006 began a journey that deepened her insights into life and death, which she now brings to her work. After surgery, she declined the offer of radiation and chemotherapy and explored other ways to regain 100% life force. In this process she used both systems of medicine – conventional and alternative – finding both useful for more complete healing.

This experience prompted her book, A Guide to Breast Cancer: A Whole Body A to Z for Prevention and Healing – A Conventional and Alternative Approach (available on and Amazon). Today our focus is on the fact that we are in Earth School. It all begins and ends with Source/God/Goddess/Great Spirit/Love, or whatever we want to call it/them!

We use her book as a map somewhat, beginning with the letter Y - YOU. "It is very important to pay attention to who we are as humans on the Spiritual Journey," Heather says, "and there are some simple tools for understanding and revelation! Astrology, Numerology, Dosha etc." Then we move from the outside in - Air, Water, Exercise – talking about The Yoga of Nurturance: Creating Vibrant Health and Conscious Awareness. Heather’s focus is on women's groups and private sessions - The Yoga of Nurturance and Whole Body Coaching as well as Cancer prevention and healing. These are her great delight!

We spoke about:

Heather’s recent oral surgery and how it was a huge lesson in pointing to what was holding back her speech. We spoke about the chakras and sacred geometry. The four words Heather put together; resistance, resentment, conflict and despair. We spoke about the conscious mind and how it's only 7% and the subconscious mind is all the rest.

We talked about being sick being one of the ways that we actually involve people in our lives and how we need disease to feel the gift of life. Heather spoke eloquently about watching ourselves, the benefit of an everyday stomach massage and how we are beings of electricity. We discussed how love and light displaces anything unlike itself. Heather talked about her ability to see patterns in people and about how it's so important for all us not to judge anything.

We talked about the balance of the female energies on the Earth and her respect for the medical profession. We discussed how death is also healing, we touched on addictions and how people need love to recover from them. We spoke about ‘laughter yoga’ and the importance of laughter. Then we finished by reading out Heather’s Top Tips for Optimal Health.

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Special Guest: Heather Wolfe.                                                                                                    

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