427: Sedona and 11-11-22
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427: Sedona and 11-11-22
November 12, 2022
Aingeal Rose & Ahonu celebrate her birthday on 11-11-22 by taking a trolley and vortex tour of Sedona, AZ. It's Aingeal Rose's birthday, it's Veteran's Day, it's 11-11 and it's 11-11-22, and she's an angel!
Today was Aingeal Rose's birthday! You've heard us saying over the years how the 1111s are important for us, that I was born on 2-11 and in house number 22 and all the 22s that have mattered throughout Aingeal Rose's life and my life. But here we are with the 22s in Sedona. And for our birthday, our daughter Janai bought us a trolley trip around Sedona and it was absolutely marvelous.

Yes, it was a little trolley tour that went through Boynton Canyon, which is one of the major vortexes here, where they've actually measured the energy coming off of that area. And it was just a small group in the trolley and it was a beautiful, sunny, cool day. I say cool what I mean, 50s. Our guy was wonderful. And so he was telling us some things about the area, which are pretty amazing when you look at all these red rocks and these towers. I mean, towers upon towers of red rocks, formations, animals in the rocks. One cliff called Snoopy Head, wasn't it?

Snoopy Dog and Elephant Rock, and all the rocks, they form these shapes. It's interesting that they even have names for them depending on which direction you're coming in, because when you look at them in one direction, you see a particular shape, but when you're coming back the opposite way, it's a completely different shape and they have names for them all.

What I was observing today was how different a place can make you feel. Like we'll be in our little apartment most of the day and we'll go out and behind our apartment building just up the road is the back of Cathedral Rock. This vortex is just a magnificent, in fact, they're all magnificent, but this is just a magnificent big rock formation and as soon as you walk out and you turn the corner, you'll see this Cathedral Rock. And immediately when you look at the rocks around Sedona, you're just uplifted automatically. I mean, the energy it just transports you to another place.

In our area, we've got Cathedral Rock. We're very close to Bell Rock. In fact, our street is off Bell Rock Boulevard. And as you go through the city, Sedona is just surrounded like a bowl. It's almost as if Sedona is encapsulated inside just this beautiful bowl of wonderful, magnificent red rocks. Every time I look at it, I say to Ahonu, this is a kingdom. You look at these formations and they just feel like kingdoms in and of themselves. It surprised me that our guy told us that the Native Americans never really lived here, and Sedona is fairly new. Didn't you say it was like 120 years old?

I think it was 1902 or something it was founded.

But the formations themselves were underwater, he said, two or three different times in its history. And actually going back 333,000,000 years ago, this entire area was under the ocean. And they know that because they found seashells in the rocks. In fact, there're areas of limestone where he said people hike up there and they come back carrying these large shells they find amongst the rocks.

This sounds like a tourist commercial, but that's not the case, because knowing us, we like to find what are the energetic imprints or what is spiritually going on. So, in that way, Aingeal Rose raised the possibility that maybe the vortexes of Sedona have something to do with the ocean energy or perhaps saltwater or what was everything you said that I was.

Just mentioning how the water in our bodies is saltwater.

Yes, and that's probably why people find such an attraction to the area, and perhaps they feel it more here than most other places.

And certainly in this time period, too, Sedona has become an incredibly popular place because even while we're out today, it's Friday, of course, people aren't working today, being Veterans Day.

Because it was Veterans Day, of course, most of these places were heavily populated today in cars on either side of the road in all these vortex areas, which is just normal now for Sedona, especially on the weekends. But in the past few years, when it's been getting increasingly more popular, it makes me wonder, with the time that we're in also, Ahonu, are people being called to this area? We certainly felt we were called to this area. And you're just wondering what's the support of energy we're giving to it, and it's given to us to help us through this time period. But I think I wanted to make the point on how different a place can make you feel, okay? And how just the natural chi energy of rocks and nature can just uplift you and actually transport you to another place? Even our tour guide today was talking about Boynton Canyon. Now, we didn't get out and hike this area because it's way, way up. It's very high. And people do, I mean, they go up the rocks; they climb this one pinnacle called Kachina Rock. It looks like a female Kachina.

Supposedly the story of it was that God was going to destroy the Earth because humankind was being bollocks's, which, of course, they are now. And basically the Kachina made a deal with the Creator and said, please don't destroy them, I give them another chance. And so Creator said, okay, I will. But if they pull this again, which of course we are now, and I feel I'm going to destroy the earth if this pinnacle falls, this pinnacle that looks like the Kachina, if it falls, you'll know that humanity is done for and they're going to a very dark place.

So, there are these Indian myths about it, but the whole place is just riddled with incredible formations and beauty beyond belief. I mean, it's just the most gorgeous thing. So you're just moved and transported across the day. Even though the trailer ride was simple in itself, it just went down a dirt road and ended up at Boynton Canyon and let us get out in the parking lot.

But it was interesting to notice that they picked us up from the pickup spot at 11-11. Just throwing that in for fun!

Yeah, Ahonu's overkill with this stuff.

But we are very grateful to Janai for getting us that trolley ride because it is an experience, and it is something that we would recommend to people. If you are visiting Sedona, first thing, come visit us, and second, take a trolley ride.

Because that was my birthday present today for my daughter and she always comes up with these creative things. 

I want to just mention too about birthdays. I always find birthdays very interesting in terms of the energy around the day and what happens during the day. Some birthdays, as you may not well know, are wonderful and some are bummers, right?

So I was telling Ahonu how, last year on my birthday, I got no birthday wishes except for my children, but usually on Facebook it's loaded with Happy Birthdays. I got none. And I thought that was like everybody forgot about me. So I truly didn't expect any this year. But this year the birthday wishes were different. And how they were different was I actually got emails and texts from people saying Happy Birthday and chatting a little, and of course my family called and the day here was beautiful and sunny in the 50s. So the whole day was just one of those blissful birthdays where you just enjoy. Plus, I'm in the last of my 60s. Next year I turn a corner, and so I was very conscious.

I don't think it's funny because he's younger than me, but I was watching how my mind was going toward, holy cow, you know, how old am I? But the feeling about it was very different. This felt like some sort of turning point, energetically for me. And so we went, and we celebrated. We had a wonderful Mexican lunch here with a margarita, which I let Ahonu drink most of, and of course now he's got a hangover and a headache—for somebody who doesn't drink anymore.

He doesn't drink anymore, the poor Irishman, since he's been with me.

The important thing is, though, that the reason we're here is that we followed our intuition and guidance and circumstances that allowed it all to happen. And it happened effortlessly in that way. If you have a calling like that to be in a place, or to move, or a drawing that's pulling you, pay attention to it. Because certainly we're very grateful that we followed that calling and that we watched and saw the little coincidences and the synchronicities that made it all fall into place. So, if that's happening to you, we say encourage it and follow that guidance.

And anybody who hasn't visited Sedona yet, put it on your bucket list because it is just a place of incredible beauty and energy. Now, for the rest of the day, we're going to eat cake and drink coffee and watch the series Manifest, which we're addicted to, and zone out for the rest of the day. So enjoy your weekend.

Have a happy birthday, Aingeal Rose. And to all our listeners and viewers and followers, thank you for helping us and supporting us throughout the years. We feel blessed in knowing you. So until next time, take care. Bye-bye. Aingeal Rose & Ahonu.