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383: It’s Time To Choose

383: It’s Time To Choose

January 8, 2022

Ahonu says it like it is - it's time to choose between the life and death paradigm.

In 2019, Aingeal Rose went through a dark night of the soul, and it caused her to see a different reality going on at the same time as this reality. It seemed unreal to her and had no meaning. Nothing had any meaning.

Indeed, things seemed to turn black and white, somewhat like watching a black and white movie. She explains it all in a video we made at the time. And the reason I'm bringing this up now is because she talked about entering a time of choice. A choice time, a time to decide about which paradigm you want to belong to. You want to belong to the love paradigm or the death paradigm?

Well, it's been a couple of years, three years on and here we are in the midst of life changes. Huge changes on planet Earth. Huge changes in people's lives all over the world. And there's no question about it, but this time of change is upon us.

And the reason I'm coming to you today is because I know which paradigm I've chosen and I want you to reflect on it because it's very important for you to make that choice, too. You want to choose the paradigm of death or life? And in the life paradigm, there is no fear. The fear has been thrown at us from every quarter day-in day-out; fear of death, fear of mandates, fear of future, fear of food shortages, fear of government overreach, fear of loss of freedom. Fear of every kind has been thrown upon us.

But in the everlasting life paradigm, the fear is gone and we see only love everywhere. And we see forgiveness of all this fear mongering everywhere. So that's the question for today. Which life are you choosing now? Because we don't have much time left, really, to start making this big choice. To find out more about this, simply search online. You get it on YouTube too, but search online for "paradigm shift Aingeal Rose and Ahonu".

Until then, blessings from myself Ahonu & Angie Rose. Have a life changing paradigm shift day.



382: 44 Days To 2-11-22 and Launch of World of Empowerment

382: 44 Days To 2-11-22 and Launch of World of Empowerment

January 1, 2022

You're listening to a World of Empowerment service from Aingeal Rose & Ahonu. Today is New Year's Day 2022. This is the first sunrise for us.

And on behalf of Angie Rose and I, we wish you a very, very blessed, prosperous, happy, innocent, joy filled 2022. It's 44 days until we launch our New World of Empowerment on 2-11-22. And that new World of Empowerment is full of promise and full of joy and full of happiness with no negativity, no leaning to the dark side for anything. Even though we talk about death, we talk about ascension and eternity at the same time.

The 44 days are going to be full of knowledge and inspiration and we want you to join us because in each of these days leading up to the launch, there's an opportunity to become a lifetime member. And we'd love to have you with us as a lifetime member where you get everything. Just pay once and that payment supports us - helping us to help others.

So, this is a plea to you to come join us in our new World of Empowerment launching. On each day we will be bringing you little videos, little memes, little uplifting statements, and those profound statements from the Akashic Records.

And the site itself is full of great stuff, including courses on how to read the Akashic Records, journaling, painting, drawing - all kinds of great things that help grow that sense of awareness, grow the feeling of joy and happiness of being here in this world.

Indeed, the one thought that I had coming up here today was one of, how do I say it? I say it by way of saying, this day, live it like as if it's your last now, not in a fear way, but in one that is just full of sunlight and happiness and joy and creativity and love for others. That's an important thing.

So, we'd love for you to join us. All the links are going to be all over the Internet over the next 44 days and indeed afterwards. But you will get us on

We so much look forward to having you with us. Have a blessed day. Live it like it's your last! Love from myself, Ahonu and from Aingeal Rose.


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