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125: Penny Kelly - Death, Lies and Loss

125: Penny Kelly - Death, Lies and Loss

May 23, 2015

Penny's book "Consciousness and Energy, Vol. 3" is comprehensive. It is really too much for just one interview. The chapter on just the analysis of Genesis in the Bible is enough food for hours of discussion, so we've decided to have Penny on for a series of interviews. We start today by recalling the fact that my mother died at the end of March this year. Inviting Penny to speak about death, it was no surprise she had insights that were deeper than most. Here is what she said to me:

"Ahonu, I know just how you feel about being without any parents. It is a strange and disturbing feeling. That was a big part of how my newest book got written. I was looking for something to anchor me after the death of my mother, which left me without any parents. Here is the copy from the back on the book:

“When a series of deaths, shocking revelations about conventional religion, and the collapse of a key metaphysical hero topple the main pillars of support in her life, author Penny Kelly embarks on a search for replacements that will steady and comfort her. Her search lead unexpectedly into a world of tangled information about the history of humanity that takes her back through thousands of years of civilization. As she works her way through one set of shocks, lies, and disappointments after another, Kelly begins to see the threads of connection to an ancient civilization that has been both recognized and well-documented—and well hidden.

"As these threads begin to weave themselves into a completely new view of reality, she realizes exactly why this history has been hidden. Gradually she sees that 2,000 years ago there was a massive effort on the part of churches to sell religion to the masses. What was lost in this effort was humanity’s bond with Nature, the truth about human potential and higher consciousness, the rights of women, and ancient techniques for advancing consciousness. Because these techniques were often sexual, there was a deliberate effort to limit sexuality by loading it with shame and guilt.

"The result has been a tragic loss of personal power, the loss of our goals as a civilization, and the ongoing suppression of our true history, which is the foundation of our future… This is a no-holds-barred book about religion, sex, power, and consciousness…”

We discuss this and the true history of our planet, and how "in the beginning" the world was run by the matriarchy and that it was a peaceful civilization for thousands of years.

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Special Guest: Penny Kelly.                                                                                                      

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